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February 22, 2024

Ghana signs visa waiver agreement with Bahamas

Both tourists and visitors who intend to travel from Ghana to The Bahamas and vice-versa will no longer require a visa upon entry.

Ghanaian and Bahamas flags
September 14, 2023

Flood death toll to rise to 20,000 in Libya, mayor says

The death toll from devastating floods that struck eastern Libya could reach 20,000 in Derna alone, the mayor said.

Floods in Libya
February 3, 2023

NPA expects ship carrying petrol at Lagos portsĀ 

The ships are expected to arrive at the Lagos Port Complex as from February 3 to February 14.

Lagos Port
November 9, 2022

NPA awaits ships conveying diplomatic cargoes, petrol, sugar, others

The NPA also stated that 16 ships were already discharging bulk wheat, general cargo, petrol, container, frozen fish, automobile gasoline, butane gas and bulk urea.