Saturday, June 15, 2024

President Vladimir Putin

June 13, 2024

China blasts U.S. over ‘indiscriminate’ sanctions on Russia’s war economy

We call on the United States (U.S.) to stop the indiscriminate, illegal, unilateral sanctions,’’ said Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian.

Putin speaking to XI (Credit: REUTERS)
June 7, 2024

Russia’s economy growing despite West’s ‘illegitimate sanctions,’ Putin says

According to Mr Putin, around three-quarters of foreign trade is now conducted with countries that are friendly to Russia.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
April 24, 2024

Russia arrests deputy defence minister Ivanov for collecting large bribes

Moscow’s Basmanny District Court ordered Ivanov to be kept in custody until June 23.

March 20, 2024

Ex-F1 driver Mazepin to be removed from EU sanctions list

Others, like former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, have failed in their lawsuits against the EU sanctions. 

Nikita Mazepin
March 18, 2024

France criticises Putin’s win, says conditions for democratic election unmet

France also condemned the vote held in the Ukrainian territories illegally annexed by Russia.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
February 1, 2024

Ukraine’s first lady asks Russia to return abducted children

Olena Zelenska said this on Thursday at a two-day international conference in Riga entitled ‘Russia’s War on Children’.

Abducted Ukraine children and Olena Zelenska
October 24, 2023

Kremlin denies internet report of Putin ‘heart attack’

How healthy Mr Putin is, however, is an issue in Russia ahead of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
October 19, 2023

Russia-North Korea relationship on strategic level, says minister

He also declared bilateral relations with Russia as his country’s number one priority.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin
September 14, 2023

North Korea’s Kim Jung Un to extend stay in Russia for few more days

Mr Kim was said to have arrived by train from North Korea.

Kim Jung Un