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Zainab Ahmed Minister of Finance Budget and National Planning

July 29, 2022

Nigeria’s earnings from rising oil price wiped off by subsidy, worsening naira: World Bank

The World Bank has projected that Nigeria will not benefit fiscally from the recent rise in global oil price this year.

President Muhammadu Buhari, NNPC and World Bank
February 22, 2022

Nigeria remains largest African economy with over N400 billion in GDP: FG

With over N400 billion in GDP and about 200 million people, Nigeria still has opportunities for growth.

December 18, 2021

Subsidy Removal: NLC announces nationwide protest

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) on Friday said it will hold a nationwide protest against the planned removal of fuel subsidy on January 27, 2022.

NLC president, Ayuba Wabba
December 16, 2021

Buhari to spend $1.9 billion on electricity, increase supply from 5,000MW to 7,000MW

President Muhammadu Buhari says his regime will spend $1.9 billion to tackle Nigeria’s epileptic electricity supply from 5,000 megawatts to 7,000 megawatts.

President Muhammadu Buhari/Lantern in darkness
November 25, 2021

NLC rejects Buhari’s plan to remove fuel subsidy

“The NLC wishes to maintain its rejection of deregulation based on import-driven model.”

President Muhammadu Buhari, Zainab Ahmed, Mele Kyari and Ayuba Wabba
September 17, 2021

VAT War: FIRS insists CSOs, NGOs must pay tax

FIRS has insisted that civil society organisations (CSOs) and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are not exempted from paying VAT.

Zainab Ahmed and Mohammed Nami
August 3, 2021

40% of imported vehicles in Buhari’s first five years were smuggled, says Finance Minister

Ms Shansuma-Ahmed said Nigeria was the hub of stolen vehicles, as those smuggled into the country were untraceable due to unregistered VIN.

July 8, 2021

Buhari regime plans to borrow N5 trillion in 2022

As Nigeria’s debt profile continues to rise, President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime has made plans to borrow N5.62 million in 2022.

Buhari and Osibanjo
February 25, 2021

How Nigeria will reduce worsening inflation: Minister

“Inflation is high at 16.7 percent, and we’ve seen inflation inching up gradually.”

Finance minister Zainab Ahmed (Credit: Twitter)