Monday, January 17, 2022

Azu Ishiekwene

July 17, 2021

Lauretta Onochie as metaphor

Public opinion is perfectly entitled to ignore the Senate’s framing and to claim victory for Onochie’s rejection.

Lauretta Onochie
July 2, 2021

Ataga and the woman in the mirror

Reckless sensationalism is a disservice to journalism. It also undermines diligent investigation and allows criminals to go scot-free.

June 11, 2021

What Twitter ban teaches the world about Nigeria

Banning Twitter in an already impoverished country is hardly in keeping with the President’s promise to lift 100 million people out of poverty.

June 4, 2021

What is the endgame in Nigeria’s South-East?

Nnamdi Kanu’s goal may be to secure a territory, but he won’t get one, because Biafra is a heartfelt cry for justice, equity and fairness.

May 28, 2021

COVID-19 stories by children

For a continent already beset by poverty and a host of deadly diseases, Corona could only compound our misery.

COVID-19 Test
May 14, 2021

Coup talk and echoes of a Banana Republic

You can choose when to have a military government, but often, you can’t decide when, or even if, they would leave.

President Muhammadu Buhari