Friday, April 19, 2024


April 19, 2024

AU sends condolences to Kenya over death of defence chief, others in helicopter crash

Ten senior commanders, including chief of the Kenya Defence Forces Francis Ogolla, were killed in a helicopter crash in the country’s northwest.

African Union (AU)
April 19, 2024

ECOWAS allocates $25 million to fight terrorism in Nigeria, Mali, others

“Out of a fund of $25 million intended for the fight against terrorism in Nigeria, Burkina, Mali and Niger, ECOWAS has reserved $4 million for humanitarian actions,

Islamic State terrorists
April 19, 2024

Merck Production Problem: 1.5 million girls in Africa to lose chance of avoiding cervical cancer

The drug company’s decision will affect around 1.5 million teenage girls in Africa who, as a result, will lose their chance to avoid cervical cancer in the near future.

HPV vaccine
April 18, 2024

Botswana churches kick against gay rights proposal

A cleric expressed his disappointment at the development in amending the constitution.

LGBTQ flag
April 18, 2024

Kenya’s defence chief, eight senior officers killed in helicopter crash

Among the casualties was General Francis Ogolla, the Chief of Defence for Kenya, who was one of 11 military personnel aboard the helicopter.

Helicopter crash
April 18, 2024
President Bola Tinubu
April 18, 2024

ECOWAS mulls certified electronic signature in West Africa

The aim is to define a roadmap towards a common and concerted approach to the digital economy and society, including e-commerce and e-government.

April 18, 2024

Nigeria, four others account for 90% of Africa’s billionaires: Report

The total investable wealth currently held in African amounts to $2.5 trillion

Dangote, Adenuga, Rabiu, Otedola
April 17, 2024

State Department bars former Malawi officials from entering U.S. over corruption, abuse of office

These designations reaffirm the United States’ commitment to counter corruption.”

U.S. State Department
April 17, 2024

Thousands of doctors leaving Cameroon for Europe, North America: Health Ministry

Many doctors are fleeing the country to escape hardship, poor pay, difficult working conditions, and unemployment.

Cameroonian doctors