Saturday, May 28, 2022



Electricity meters used to tell the story.

UK firm partners DisCos to stop energy theft in Nigeria

The firm says its system automatically alerts the utility’s field team to investigate, resolve and report electricity theft immediately.


Open defecation

Nasarawa arrests 61 for open defecation

Fourty-three persons among those arrested were released after complying with the directive to build toilets in their facilities.


Students writing exams used to illustrate the story. [CREDIT: Naira Metrics]

Children’s Day: Atiku urges safe learning for Nigerian children

“I know from personal experience how getting an education can transform someone’s life and influence their destiny in unimaginable ways,” Atiku Abubakar said.


2023 elections and the road less travelled

They tell us that Nigeria is a cauldron of repressed rage fuelled by overt injustice, and, to keep it together, we must heed the bellowing orchestra of minorities.

Azu Ishiekwene: Journey to Grenada and reparations for slavery

The West will eventually bow to the pressure coming from Caribbean countries on the issue of reparations for slavery in the forms of investment and cooperation.

Soludo and the predicament of Barabbas

To defeat the foul ideology of Barabbas, Governor Soludo cannot be left alone in helpless perplexity, as criminal gangs behead citizens for sport, and levy war against the people.

Accountant-General Ahmed Idris’ N80 billion “blasphemy” against ASUU and Nigeria

It turns out that Idris actually got the bulk of his ill-gotten wealth on the back of the despair and agony of university lecturers.

Adamu’s genius and the road to Nigerian Presidency

In two months of taking the helm, Abdullahi Adamu has shown that he can both think — and work — outside the box.