Saturday, February 27, 2021



Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

CBN justifies FG’s plan to sell assets to fund 2021 budget

A member of CBN’s Monetary Policy Council hinged his support of the plan on the non-reflection of the increase in crude oil prices on government oil revenue.



Abduction: Kano shuts 12 boarding schools

The decision to close the schools followed the recent kidnapping of some female boarding school students in Niger and Zamfara States.


Dr. Junaid Mohammed and the trouble with Fulanis

We hope more people will choose Junaid Mohammed’s path of jaw-jaw and not the war-war option.

Can Nigerian Senate stand up to Buhari on ex-service chiefs’ ambassadorial nominations?

If our senators had an iota of self-respect and decency, should they even bother screening these ex-service chiefs for ambassadorial appointments?

Fulani and other African personal names among Black Americans

Thousands of personal names the Gullah people bear are similar to many names people in west and central Africa still bear.

The beautiful mind of Kadaria Ahmed and the trouble with Nigeria

Maybe Achebe did not explain this leadership thing very well. But I doubt it.

Surprising American cousins through my mother’s ancestry

The most shocking surprise for us was that AncestryDNA’s database matched us with hundreds of cousins who turned out to be mostly Black Americans.

Gullah: Long lost Africans in America who are still African

From the 1990s, the Mende people in Sierra Leone and the Gullah people in the US have established formal linkages.