Saturday, May 8, 2021



Tuberculosis patient

South-South has high prevalence of HIV/AIDS: NACA

The development necessitated setting up of advocacy platforms as a strategy in the fight against the disease, an official said.


School children reading used to illustrate the story.

FCT schools are safe, says director

The director said the secretariat has strengthened its surveillance with strict adherence to security tips.


Buhari’s actions, not media reports, fuelling hate, insecurity in Nigeria

More than any leader, Buhari has hurt Nigeria’s unity, been insensitive to our plight, and done things to worsen them.

Rudolf Okonkwo: The moral burden of Yemi Osinbajo

Six years later, the question left for Osinbajo to answer is whether it is all worth it.

My outrage fatigue about Nigeria

Outrage usually flows from a wellspring of righteous indignation over injustice, avoidably missed opportunities, elite cruelty, and preventable existential catastrophes.

On Buhari’s call for deployment of American troops in Nigeria

If you examine antecedents, you’ll have no choice but to become a lot less enthusiastic about America’s ability to improve a bad situation.

Day Buhari visited his psychiatrist in London

Flashed on Buhari’s face was a sense of dejection. If anyone should understand him, it was Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

On my friendship with Pantami

I have never physically met Pantami in my entire life and have never asked for nor received a single favour from Isa Pantami since he has been in government.


Buhari and Sanwo-Olu

Nigeria has worst tap water quality in the world: Report

“Lagos has a network of 180 km transmission mains and 2.215 km distribution mains, of which some are as old as 108 years.”


Fire arms used to illustrate the story

SPECIAL: How corrupt trade in small arms, light weapons fuels West African conflicts

The proliferation of SALWs persists because states fail to deal with the problem: the complete absence of laws recognising the licensing regime.