Thursday, February 22, 2024



Opeyemi Agbaje: Nigerian economy and policy at crossroads

“I think much of the current regime’s economic policy conundrum is due to the exchange rate flotation policy, which may now need to be re-evaluated and reconsidered.”

Opeyemi Agbaje

Omololu Oduyoye: Nigeria’s fintech community and global war against fraud

“In battling the beast of fraud in global fintechs, a multi-dimensional approach must be enacted to curb this menace.’’

Cheta Nwanze: Fallout over AFCON result underscores challenge with Nigeria’s diversity

Without a compelling vision that speaks to hearts and minds, expecting Nigerians to embrace dry pronouncements over emotionally resonant narratives is unrealistic.

Rudolf Okonkwo: Bob Marley and I in ‘One Love’

Growing up, I wanted to be Bob Marley. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nigerian Public Discourse: The interplay of empirical evidence and hyperbole

I also wonder what motives might underpin any agenda to increase unitarism and centralisation in Nigeria’s constitution design?

Opeyemi Agbaje