Wednesday, August 4, 2021



SSS and Igboho's relatives

Igboho: SSS produces 12 Yoruba Nation agitators in court

SSS on Wednesday produced the 12 detained Yoruba Nation agitators accused along with Sunday ‘Igboho’ Adeyemo, before the Abuja Division Federal High Court.


Simon Lalong

Criminals killing people, destroying farms to provoke violence: Gov. Lalong

“We have witnessed the willful and carefully planned destruction of crops in some areas of the state by criminals,” Mr Lalong said.


Irrefutable crimes of Abba Kyari

The real crimes committed by the disgraced police chief are the same ones often committed by Nigeria’s ruling elite.

Abba Kyari and his red flags of vulgar exhibitionism

Clearly, Kyari is habituated to immunity from the consequences of his transgressions and indiscretions.

Resolving Nigeria’s population-productivity-insecurity problem

As long as the dominant politicians choose to weaponise demographics without a plan for investing in productivity, for so long shall Nigeria know little peace.

Benin artefacts and the choice facing Robin Hood

Let’s bring the artefacts home, where they belong.

The coming battle to save Nigeria’s democracy

There’s beauty in survival, if only we learned to possess our collective worlds together.

How scientists are tracking God’s fingerprints

What if everything you think you know is wrong?


Sexual Harassment: Biden urges New York Gov. Cuomo to resign

US President Joe Biden has called on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after an investigation found that he had sexually harassed 11 women.


Niger Republic among Nigeria’s best friends: Buhari

Buhari says the Niger Republic is among Nigeria’s “best friends” in a congratulatory message to its president Mohammed Bazoum on the country’s anniversary.


A hacker on a computer used to illustrate the story.

U.S. jails Nigerian money launderer who used crime proceeds to export cars

A U.S. court has jailed Nigerian money launderer 38-year-old Olumide Bankole Morakinyo for engaging in a scheme that defrauded the Texas Employees Retirement System.