Friday, April 19, 2024



Kwankwaso betrayed my trust; he’s attempting to hijack, destroy NNPP: Boniface Aniebonam

“I funded the party for 22 years, and Kwankwaso wants to hijack it even when he is not a member of the board of the trustees or the leader of the party,” said Mr Aniebonam.


Okuama Killing: Army releases detained traditional ruler

“While culpability has not been conclusively established against the traditional ruler, there is insufficient evidence to exonerate anyone at this stage,” said the army.


Azu Ishiekwene: Is World War III coming?

Global institutions expected to keep the fragile balance for peace have almost all broken down, and all five veto-wielding members of the UN have gone rogue.

Late Rotimi Sankore advanced Nigeria’s democracy with intellectual rigour, moral clarity

It was fitting that Rotimi Sankore’s battle with mortality would inspire his terminal piece of earthly advocacy.

Rudolf Okonkwo: Goodbye, Amaka Modebe; see you at Olive Gardens in Heaven

Amaka has only taken a raincheck. The only thing that changed was the location.

Jonathan and Sam: Two books, one message

There’s a place where Sam’s poetic prose and Jonathan’s enthralling story-telling meet: leadership.

Nigeria’s gerontocracy problem

Even in America, where they have strong institutions, geriatric politicians come with their problems.

The Okuama Dead: Story behind the grief

Oil money, mixed with militancy and violent local politics in the area, has created and nurtured private armies with money, weapons and political clout comparable to rogue states.