Saturday, September 25, 2021


Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, a lawyer, is co-convener of Nigeria Mourns. He writes in his personal capacity.
August 30, 2021

Nigerian law supports right to self-defence; communities should exercise it

Even if these legal provisions did not exist, communities endangered by the kind of ongoing carnage in Nigeria would be justified in morality to exercise legitimate self-defence.

Buhari and bandits
July 30, 2021

Resolving Nigeria’s population-productivity-insecurity problem

As long as the dominant politicians choose to weaponise demographics without a plan for investing in productivity, for so long shall Nigeria know little peace.

January 18, 2021

Folarin Olawale Shyllon, July 23, 1940 – January 13, 2021

A lawyer by profession, his scholarship was steeped in humanist, Pan-African ideas.

Folarin Shyllon
September 26, 2020

Madu-abu-chi – Ernest Ojukwu and Destiny Foretold

While it is indeed true that madu-abu-chi, it is also the case that no one authors their destiny all by themselves.

Ernest Maduauchi Ojukwu