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September 4, 2021

Why political power damages the brain — and how to reverse it

What is it about power that makes people such obtuse, self-centered snobs?

August 28, 2021

NDA attack and Yusuf Buhari’s lavish wedding

The weddings of the scions of the upper crust of the northern society are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from southern weddings.

August 21, 2021

Farooq Kperogi: Memories of hilarious stories Ahmed Joda told us

Joda was jovial, pleasant, even-tempered, mild-mannered, upright, cosmopolitan, and incorruptible.

Ahmed Joda
August 14, 2021

Top five lies about Buhari that won’t go away

Muhammadu Buhari is a magnet for both extravagantly flattering myths and stubborn falsehoods. Here are the top five.

August 7, 2021

Why Conspiracy theories persist even when they’re stupid

Conspiracy theories have become more audacious and more mainstream in the last few years.

Trump, Jonathan, Obama and Buhari
July 31, 2021

Abba Kyari and his red flags of vulgar exhibitionism

Clearly, Kyari is habituated to immunity from the consequences of his transgressions and indiscretions.

Huspuppi and Kyari
July 24, 2021

Top 10 popular Nigerian lies with enormous staying power

Once lies and historical myths take roots, they are almost always impossible to uproot.

July 17, 2021

Why APC politicians are terrified by e-transmission of votes

Buhari and APC henchmen obviously love ballot snatching that favours them.

Buhari, Tinubu and Lawan
July 10, 2021

JAMB and myth of declining education standards

It is apparent that there has never been an age in the history of humankind when education and language use were considered perfect.

July 3, 2021

What crackdown on Kanu and Igboho shows, and who owns Daily Trust?

Although Boko Haram is infinitely more lethal than IPOB— and actually controls vast swathes of territory—the regime has not shown the same zeal to annihilate them.