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EU foreign ministers

October 23, 2023

EU foreign ministers to discuss Middle East, Ukraine crises

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell suggested making longer-term financing commitments for military aid and using EU money to support the delivery of modern fighter jets and missiles.

EU Ministers
September 1, 2023

Ukraine seeks jet fighters, lethal weapons to intensify counter-offensive

“For an effective air force, we need a total of around 160 combat jets,” Mr Zelensky said in a television interview with Portugal’s public broadcaster.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
January 23, 2023

EU ministers agree fresh sanctions against Iran

The Swedish EU presidency has announced that the EU ministers agreed on a new package of sanctions against Iran.

EU Ministers
March 21, 2022

Putin’s War: EU foreign ministers debate further sanctions against Russia

A decision on further sanctions “is going to dominate and it’s not going to be easy,’’ an EU diplomat said.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
February 22, 2021

EU moves to mete out further sanctions on Russia over Navalny arrest

Russia has threatened to retaliate if fresh EU sanctions are applied.

Alexei Navalny