Monday, September 25, 2023

Paul Okpe

January 24, 2023

Henry Benamaisai appointed new FRSC sector commander in Osun

Mr Henry Benamaisai takes over from the former sector commander, Paul Okpe, who was recently transferred to Edo.

Henry Benamaisai
January 13, 2023

17 passengers escaped death in Osun road accident: FRSC 

The road safety corps said that 12 males and five female adults were invovled in the crash, leading to three injured victims.

Paul Okpe
January 7, 2023

FRSC rescues 20 passengers from lone bus crash in Osun

Mr Okpe noted that the lone accident occurred due to total violation of road safety traffic laws by the vehicle owner.

Paul Okpe
January 4, 2023

Three persons escape death in ghastly head-on collision in Osun

Two persons sustained severe injuries and had been taken to Orotunde Hospital in Ikirun for treatment while the third victim was unhurt.

Car crash into bike
January 2, 2023

FRSC rescues six from lone car crash in Osun

The rescued victims, all male, came out unhurt from the accident reportedly caused by speed limit violation by the driver.

FRSC at an accident scene
December 30, 2022

Auto crash claimed 81 lives in 11 months in Osun: FRSC

The road safety agency said that the accidents occurred due to violations of road traffic laws by some road users.

A crashed vehicle used to illustrate this story
October 29, 2022

Three persons escaped death in Osun auto crash: FRSC

The three persons were in an orange commercial truck when it lost control while speeding and ran off the highway track.

April 3, 2022

Two children killed in Osun road accident: FRSC

Mr Okpe said the accident which happened seven kilometres from Iwaraja junction involved a Howo Sino Truck and a Nissan bus.

A road accident scene used to illustrate the story
January 12, 2022

Several people killed in Osun auto crash

“Twenty-one persons were involved in the accident which claimed four lives, while 15 victims sustained severe injuries and two others were unhurt,’’ he said.

FRSC officials at a scene of an accident
January 6, 2022

Thirty-three persons escape death in Osun auto crash: FRSC

The accident occurred after a light blue Toyota RAV4 JEEP collided with a white Toyota bus, as a result of road traffic violations and excessive speeding.

Accident scene