Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Pope Francis

July 28, 2022

Pope Francis in Québec apologises to Canada’s indigenous communities

The apology was for the “evil committed by so many Christians” during the residential boarding school era that affected more than 150,000 native children in Canada.

Pope Francis
July 25, 2022

Pope in week-long visit to Canada; apologises to residential school survivors

Some 150,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families and forced to attend Catholic run schools in the 19th century through 1970s.

Pope Francis (Credit: AP New)
July 13, 2022

Three women named advisers to Pope in historic appointment 

The three women were among the 14 people appointed to the Dicastery for Bishops, which vets candidates and advises the pope on which priests should become bishops.

Pope Francis
May 5, 2022

Why Pope is on wheelchair: Vatican

The pontiff said recently that his doctors had told him to rest his painful right knee.

Pope Francis on a wheelchair waving
February 25, 2022

Ukraine Invasion: Pope Francis meets with Russian ambassador

The Pope was said to have called for care for children, the sick, the suffering and the entire masses.

Pope Francis
February 9, 2022

Sexual Abuse: Ex-Pope Benedict apologises to victims, denies wrongdoing

“I have borne great responsibility in the Catholic Church. My pain is all the greater for the misdemeanours and errors…”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
February 7, 2022

Macron, Pope, Liverpool, Barcelona mourn Moroccan boy’s death

“This is God’s will. I thank all for their efforts to help,” Rayan’s mother Ouassima Kharchich said, her voice strained with grief and barely audible.

Rayan Awram
February 1, 2022

Norwegian lawmakers reveal nominees for 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

Thousands of people, from members of parliament’s worldwide to former winners, are eligible to propose candidates.

Nobel Peace Prize
January 5, 2022

Couples raising dogs, cats in place of children: Pope Francis

Pope Francis has criticised couples who choose not to have children.

Pope Francis
December 18, 2021

Ghanaian cardinal ‘fed up’ with Vatican disputes, retires abruptly: Sources

Peter Turkson, 73, from Ghana, is a key adviser to Pope Francis on climate change and social justice and is the only African to head a Vatican department.

Peter Turkson