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Paternity Scandal: Why Tunde Ayeni won’t stop defending his name from Adaobi Alagwu’s lies

It is amazing what sweeping delusions triggered the wiles of Adaobi Jennifer Alagwu.

• March 17, 2024

If one lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths, imagine what a thousand lies could do. Imagine the magnitude of taint they would cast if contrived by a delusive mastermind.

It is amazing what sweeping delusions triggered the wiles of Adaobi Jennifer Alagwu. For the 32-year-old, fair skin, fierce lust, and crafty femininity were all she needed to command the love, good name, and fortune of billionaire magnate Tunde Ayeni (at least so she believed).

In her desperation to get hooked on the billionaire magnate and former bank chief, Alagwu fabricated a plot to get pregnant by him and, so doing, implant herself and her child as beneficiaries of his estate.

Alagwu, a trained attorney, was misled by the belief that she had the upper hand on Ayeni. She thought she had him by the balls. Like all frantic liars, she thought she had gained a victory over Ayeni simply by claiming that she was pregnant for him and her baby girl belonged to him (but she was mistaken).

Ayeni has since refuted her claims and continues to do so. He also proclaims that he will continue to disgrace her and let the world know how terribly skewed her lies have been, however unpopular it is in Nigeria for a man to out a woman.

Long before now, Ayeni had lost interest in her and, even so, was just being a typical Nigerian man who was just having fun with an available girl of cheap standing. His understanding of the relationship’s definition was far different from Adaobi’s. 

He thought it was casual, underestimating how lowly Adaobi, her sister, and her mother were and how big he was to them. Without him, she had no identity, and while he didn’t count it as anything, she made sure to paint a picture of them being very much together.

Alagwu has probably not learnt her lesson that a lie is an act of self-abdication because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked.

Her lies had no limit. She’s renowned in Abuja social circles for sleeping around for cars and bags and letting everyone believe he bought them for her. She lives in a rented house in Jabi but claims he gifted her. 

Unknown to Alagwu, a woman who lies to the world becomes a slave to the world and her lies from then on. As she gets outed in a lie, she digs deeper into the sludge of infamy in her desperate bid to fabricate a more believable lie.

According to Ayeni, the necessity to set the records straight and, thus, protect his estate and legacy spurred him to conduct a DNA test to establish whether he was the father of Alagwu’s daughter.

In the wake of the disclosure of the DNA result, which established Alagwu’s paternity fraud, let’s dive deep into a detailed expose of the genesis and intrigues of Alagwu’s convoluted plot to get hitched to the billionaire magnate and profit from his massive estate.

Once upon a time, in 2017, Ayeni met a young, unambitious Alagwu. Alagwu was all over him. Being a man in his early 50s, he felt flattered and revelled in the attention, and they became an item in consonance with Alagwu’s plot.

Two years later, Ayeni discovered that Alagwu was 27 years old; by that time, it was established that she was more of a liability to him, as he had to shoulder all of her financial responsibilities, including those of her mother, family, and sister, who is based in the United States.

To Ayeni’s chagrin, Alagwu’s demands were outrageous and unending. Furthermore, he discovered that she had previously dated his very close friend, who is also a billionaire and energy magnate. Angered by the discovery, Ayeni broke off the relationship.

In 2021, Ayeni went to a party, and Alagwu was waiting for him there. One thing led to another, and they both ended up at his house that night. This time around, though, Alagwu came prepared to stay hitched to him. She had become desperate, having lived for too long in the wilderness of want and without the security she had been used to as his girlfriend.

She persuaded him to help set up her legal chamber, promising to be of good behaviour; she vowed that she would never go back to her philandering ways anymore.

Ayeni reluctantly agreed (at this point, he had already lost interest in her and her antics) and set her up in one of his office properties, located at 36 Birao Street, Abuja. Unknown to him. However, Alagwu was always in the habit of flaunting her bags, wristwatches, and cars and presenting them as gifts from Ayeni. 

The latter’s absence on social media prevented him from discovering Alagwu’s plot. Thus, she persisted in her quest, taunting Ayeni’s daughter and wife to no end. She made sure to let everyone in Abuja and Lagos know that she and Ayeni were an item, not minding how badly this affected his reputation and relationship with his wife for many years.

(Photo Of Adaobi At The Police Station)

By the end of 2021, Alagwu, realising Ayeni no longer seemed interested in her, moved up her plans to entrap him as she told Ayeni that she was late with her period. Ayeni took the news lightly at first, thinking it wasn’t an issue to lose sleep over. According to him, she had collected money to handle such incidents in the past.

Eventually, they agreed that she would terminate the pregnancy. She, however, suggested her preferred doctor was in London, United Kingdom (UK), and that she would like to go have it there and even take on a course. Ayeni gave her exactly USD 25,000 plus ticket fare, and on November 22, 2021, she departed for London.

She was supposed to be gone for a few weeks, but she stayed longer, thus inciting Ayeni’s worry. Four months later, Alagwu’s mother called Ayeni and told him that her daughter was still very much pregnant and that she would not do anything to jeopardize her health.

She threatened should he refuse to take responsibility for the pregnancy; they would take him to the streets. Ayeni reminded the mother that he was very much married and had no plans to father a child outside of wedlock. He also said that he would not want to jeopardize Alagwu’s future with an unwanted pregnancy, but the mother remained adamant, stating that her daughter would not abort the pregnancy.

This infuriated Ayeni, and he shut them out of his life. Two months later, Ayeni started hearing rumours on the street and in social circles that he had married a second wife and even had a child with her.

Fearful for his reputation and his marriage, he reached out to the family to manage the situation, but the covetous mother and daughter, believing they had a big man wrapped around their fingers, started making frivolous and unending demands purportedly to keep him quiet.

Ayeni played along and did all of their bidding. They even blackmailed him to visit the United States when Alagwu was put to bed, and he went. The week she returned to Nigeria, however, was when all hell broke loose, as Alagwu made sure that everyone in Abuja knew that she had a love child with Ayeni. Anytime she was asked about the child’s name, she would respond with “Baby Ayeni.”

Ayeni’s wife and children got wind of the news, and all hell broke loose. Yet that wasn’t even the sad part, Ayeni suddenly got a call from a not-so-close friend of his that they should meet. On getting to the man’s house, thinking it was about business, the man took him to his study and proceeded to let him know he had been asked by Alagwu, his girlfriend, to speak to him.

Ayeni was shocked because, before that time, he had no clue that Alagwu and his friend had a relationship. The friend then proceeded to call her, and they chatted; all through their conversation, he didn’t tell her that Ayeni was there.

Ayeni, still in shock and having heard with his ears that Alagwu was the one spreading the news of goings-on between them, thanked his friend and got up to leave.

But while his host walked him out of the door, he noticed a striking resemblance of the man’s neck to that of Alagwu’s child. Then it dawned on him that his host and Alagwu had set him up to be the father of their lovechild.

He was livid, but he felt liberated at the same time. He drove straight home to his wife, apologized to her, and put a call to the Alagwu family, telling them he wanted a DNA test carried out. He also told them that since his fear of being found out was already defeated by how they had abused his peace, he was no longer interested in being part of their lives. Alagwu refused vehemently to subject her child to a DNA examination; this further fuelled Ayeni’s fears that he had been blackmailed.

Curiously, it was then that he understood why she had made it her duty to let everyone know that they were in a relationship, painting a picture that he was obsessed with her and they were more serious than they were.

Just to manage the situation, he had previously endured the humiliation of Alagwu coming unannounced to his house several times, even when he was in meetings, to show off.

She shouted at all the staff members and intruded on his meetings. Recalling all her antics, he became very angry with himself repeatedly for failing to see through her plot on time.

Finally, he barred her from coming to his house and office. He also blocked her on his phone lines and started telling anyone who cared to listen that he was not in a relationship with her. He then got the child’s sample and did a DNA test which turned out negative. Thus came his freedom. The test result showed that he wasn’t the father of Alagwu’s daughter. Armed with this new information, he waited patiently for Alagwu’s next step.

When the latter and her mother realized that Ayeni was truly keeping to his words and was no longer associating with them, they reached out to say that they were ready for the test.

They agreed on an Indian-owned facility and did the test there. However, four days later, the test result was yet to be released. The Ayenis then wrote to the centre asking why there was such a long delay. Two days later, they got a notification on Yahoo email address that the mailbox was being accessed – the kind of notification you get when your email is being hacked.

That was how Alagwu claimed she had a DNA result that indicated Ayeni was her daughter’s father. Unknown to her, Ayeni already had a copy of the test result in her possession, which revealed that he wasn’t the father of her child.

Notwithstanding, Ayeni condoned her lies, more out of amusement and patience. He then requested that they go for another DNA in a reputable centre in London, and she and her family flatly refused. Of course, Ayeni stood his ground and made it clear that he no longer wanted anything to do with her and her family.

At this juncture, he had established that Alagwu was a walking cesspit of lies and deception. He had already denounced most of her lies; contrary to her claims, he didn’t buy her the car she was driving, he didn’t buy her any property, and he had already booted her out of the office space he gave her.

Even the office she was booted from disgracefully, she had initially opined he gifted her and transferred deeds to her. She got so desperate as to lie he paid her bride price, not minding how this looked on the fact he was legally and traditionally married. She will spend all her time then between his office and his house. She was so lowly.

To leave no one in doubt, he engaged very reputable news outlets, Premium Times, This Day, and Punch to mention a few, to state his side of the story in black and white.

Further findings also revealed that Alagwu, to hide her shame at forcing a man’s name on her child – which is against the Igbo tradition that says a child can only bear the actual father’s name if the mother’s bride price had been paid – had to lie that Ayeni had paid her bride price. Ayeni again vehemently refuted this lie.

Not a few people have acknowledged Ayeni’s courage in tackling Alagwu and quashing her plot in an era when women like her have been known to utterly ruin their male victims or bully them into complete acquiescence.

Adaobi's acknowledged copy. A copy was also sent to the NIS
Adaobi’s acknowledged copy. A copy was also sent to the NIS

By decisively neutering Alagwu’s plots, Ayeni has become a poster icon of sorts to many Nigerian men who are currently suffering in silence as they experience a raw deal from desperate concubines.

Ayeni painstakingly made Alagwu understand that there was no way she could replace his wife and that he would never accept an illegitimate child from her. Realizing this, Alagwu went for broke and resorted to more desperate antics, part of which was her invasion of Ayeni’s premises and breaking into the office from which he had evicted her months ago.

In an unwise display of braggado, Alagwu broke the padlock on the gate and forced her entry into the office, claiming she did so to retrieve her air conditioner.

Irked by this, Ayeni petitioned the police and was arrested and detained. There is no gainsaying the billionaire magnate is no longer willing to take chances with Alagwu or feed the flimsiest delusion that they are still together. The fact that Alagwu kept referring to her daughter as his child whilst she was being interrogated at the police station informed his decision to issue a “Cease” legal notice to her.

As Alagwu recoils to lick her wounds, several questions persist in public space and the saner court of public opinion concerning her overall conduct throughout the imbroglio.

These questions reference the veracity of her claims while also casting scrutiny on her reputation.

They are as follows:

First, if the office address from which she had been evicted more than six months ago is still what she has on her website, does it not mean that she has not been working or professionally engaged?

Where are her parents? Why are they so comfortable watching their daughter mortgage her future for the material satisfaction of today? Why wouldn’t they encourage her to focus her attention on younger men of her age group who have prospects? 

If, at 32, she can be so shameless as to go back to the same office from where she was kicked out disgracefully, does it not speak to her lack of self-worth? What if the man’s wife was there?

Why would Adaobi’s mother encourage her daughter and even join in gleefully leeching on to a man they know is very married? Almost twice her age and try to force an illegitimate child on him? The only answer is greed and money!

Ayeni, even before now, had made his wife a go-between between Adaobi and himself and Adaobi’s mother. In fact, it was in the presence of Mrs Ayeni that all initial conversations and DNA test was carried out, and it appears the importance of this denigration of AdaObi and her family by Ayeni was lost on her. Because by so doing he was telling her he had lost all interest in her and whatever they might have shared. Even now Ayeni insists he must carry his wife along in everything he’s doing. Immediately after her arrest, he had the officer’s space redecorated and given to his wife. Talk about the ultimate rejection. 

A former associate of Alagwu, who simply described herself as Becky, stated that it would have been wiser of her to pawn her ‘designer’ bags and buy air-conditioning units with the proceeds instead of subjecting herself to the ridicule of going to the same property from which she was chased away in disgraceful circumstances. “It was very wrong and desperate of her to break into someone’s premises just to retrieve two AC units. My friend can certainly do better. She needn’t be so desperate,” said Becky. 

According to Becky, Alagwu has become very broke, and breaking into Ayeni’s property was simply one of her frantic attempts to get his attention. She said, “Adaobi thought going to the property would get him to talk to her, but her plan failed. Why would a 32-year-old beautiful lady like her continue to subject herself to such embarrassment? Is it simply because she needs to keep up appearances that she’s a baby mama to a billionaire?” 

And why would a 32-year-old continue to put herself up for such embarrassment simply because she needs to keep up appearances that she’s “baby mama” to a billionaire?

Ayeni has publicly dissociated himself from her more than five times, yet she desperately seeks to force his name on her child and covet his attention. Does she not care about the dignity of acceptance and love from the man, if not for herself, for her child? As it is the vehemence with which Ayeni denies the child or a need for association leaves nothing to be salvaged in the relationship, this still seems lost on Adaobi, and her clique as all they continue to insist on is that the child is his even at the mercy of his rejection. 

Ayeni, on his part, vows to continue to discredit and disgrace Adaobi and her family if they continue on their trajectory of lies, tarnishing his image and attempting to force an illegitimate child on him.

Tobi Ibrahim is a writer, public affairs analyst

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