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April 5, 2024

Ogun govt. to ban importation of fake adire fabrics

He said the laws would help to protect the indigenous fabric from foreign imitations.

Chinese made adire
November 5, 2023

We’ll ban importation of Chinese adire, subsidise cost for local production: FG

“We do not want to be selling fake Adire, made-in-China Adire brought into Nigeria. What we want is the local one made by our people.”

Adire atire
January 10, 2023

SPECIAL: Influx of cheap, bogus Chinese adire threatens major Nigerian tribe’s livelihood, tradition

As the hand-crafted indigo-dyed material gradually elicits interest of high-fashion — including from Michelle Obama and Jay-Z — the Chinese are flooding streets with its knockoffs.

A composite of Chinese industrial printed adire, handcrafted and Oluwatosin Adeleye used to illustrate the story