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Cute Abiola

December 3, 2021

Comedian Cute Abiola regains freedom

The comedian has been in his employers, Nigerian Navy’s, cell for 18 days for flouting military social media rules.

Cute Abiola
November 17, 2021

Missing Cute Abiola in our detention cell for posting on social media: Nigerian Navy

“The young man was found to have breached the social media policy while he was on leave. So he was recalled, asked to come back, but he refused…”

Cute Abiola
November 16, 2021

Instagram skit maker Cute Abiola missing

Social media skit maker Ahmed Gafar aka Cute Abiola has been declared missing by friends and family for over 24 hours.

Cute Abiola
July 10, 2021

SPECIAL: How social media skitmakers are taking over Nigeria’s Nollywood industry

The conventional box office system is giving way to the convenience of peoples’ mobile devices via social media platforms.

Mr Macaroni, Taaooma, Mark Angel, Broda Shaggi, Lasisi, and Cute Abiola