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Farooq Kperogi

August 26, 2023

As Idris Malagi and Ngelale renounce Lai’s lies and Adesina’s insults

All government information managers lie, but Lai’s lies were unmatched in their coarseness, brazenness, vulgarism, and disdain for the intelligence of Nigerians.

Mohammed Idris and Ajuri Ngelale
June 10, 2023

Why northerners don’t call Tinubu “Jagaban”

Borgu has always been a melting pot that fuses multifarious cultural influences from far-flung places.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
May 13, 2023

PhD graduation of a Hausa-Yoruba Nigerian in America

The route to Abdulbasit Kassim’s immersion in northern Nigerian culture wasn’t without a few little prickly thorns.

Abdulbasit Kassim
April 8, 2023

Obi’s face-saving litigious bluster against Peoples Gazette

The lawsuit will embarrass Obi, diminish his credibility irretrievably, and herald the death knell of his budding national political career.

Peter Obi and Peoples Gazette
March 11, 2023

Nigeria’s dangerously rising post-election ethnic tension

The extreme political violence in the name of Obi that is now pervading the South-East needs to stop because it can only fuel the fire of Igbophobia nationwide.

Obi and Tinubu
January 21, 2023

Chatham House and Nigeria’s growing cultural cringe

Cultural cringe is the deep-rooted inferiority complex that causes psychologically damaged, formerly colonised people to inferiorise and disdain their own country and its culture.

Peter Obi and Bola Tinubu in Chatham House
September 3, 2022

Nobody can restructure Nigeria in a democracy

We need creative destruction to break out of the current system.

Nigerian Constitution
August 27, 2022

20 Hausa words in everyday Nigerian English

See 20 Nigerian English—and Nigerian Pidgin English— expressions that owe debts to the Hausa language.

Durbar panting
July 23, 2022

Atiku’s interview and unfair Tinubu Muslim-Muslim dig

When Tinubu offered to run with Atiku in 2007, it wasn’t because he was insensitive to Christians.

Tinubu and Atiku
July 9, 2022

Kuje prison attack shows Boko Haram-bandits merger

Boko Haram and bandits have now banded together and have a wider sphere of operation than they ever did before Buhari came to power.