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President Nayib Bukele

January 26, 2022

IMF tells El Salvador to stop using Bitcoin as official currency

IMF also warned that at current debt spending levels, El Salvador’s public debt could rise to about 96 per cent of GDP in 2026, calling it an “unsustainable path.”

El Slavador President Nayip Bukele and Bitcoin
January 14, 2022

Israeli NSO spyware used to hack journalists’ phones repeatedly: Report

The Citizen Lab said in its report that it had identified a Pegasus operator working almost exclusively in El Salvador in early 2020.

September 6, 2021

El Salvador makes history, becomes first country to make Bitcoin official currency

In preparation for its adoption, the country has commenced installing Bitcoin ATMs to enable citizens to convert cryptocurrency into dollars and withdraw it in cash.

El Slavador President Nayip Bukele and Bitcoin