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June 21, 2021

Iroko TV survives campaign to pull down app from Google Play Store

Iroko TV’s average review ratings climbed from the previous three to four points, better than it was before the campaign to pull it down was initiated.

Iroko TV
June 16, 2021

Instagram deletes Adamu Garba’s page

Instagram has deleted Adamu Garba’s official page on Tuesday.

June 14, 2021

Google deletes Adamu Garba’s Crowwe from Play Store

“Once your app is removed, the published version of your app won’t be available on Google Play until a compliant update is submitted.”

Adamu Garba
June 5, 2021

APC seeks homegrown alternative to Twitter

“Twitter allowed their platform to be used by arsonists, insurrectionists and separatists in the country.”

Buni, Jack and Garba