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Nigerian money launderers

July 29, 2021

U.S. jails Nigerian money launderer who used crime proceeds to export cars

A U.S. court has jailed Nigerian money launderer 38-year-old Olumide Bankole Morakinyo for engaging in a scheme that defrauded the Texas Employees Retirement System.

A hacker on a computer used to illustrate the story.
November 17, 2020

Stock: Market capitalisation drops for the day running

An expert says the pullback was creating another new buy-in opportunity for the market.

NSE building
October 8, 2020

Alpha-Beta Fraud: Tinubu laundered N1 billion through The Nation, two others: Affidavit

Mr. Tinubu is widely adjudged as the owner of The Nation, which neither he nor the outlet has denied several years on.

Bola Tinubu and Sam Omatseye
September 29, 2020

Nigerian money launderers most famous worldwide: Report

A new report by transparency group CISLAC says Nigeria’s real estate has become an asylum for stolen wealth.

Housing in Nigeria